What drugs and instruments you need at pharmacy at lock down

Stocking Up for the Coronavirus:

What drugs and instruments you need at pharmacy-

As we are now at a global emergency of COVID 19 and lock down is going on at different countries so you need some drugs to stock up to beat the emergency

You don’t have to empty pharmacy and store shelves in order to stay home if COVID-19 threatens.

As this is the time for seasonal flue/ influenza You should well prepared with some drugs at lock down.

Here is a list you should stock up.

  1. Acetaminophen / Paracetamol – Tablet, suppository  and syrup for both adult and child as a fever reducer.
  2. Oral Rehydration saline(ORS).
  3. Multivitamin tablet / capsule and syrup for babies.(start taking tp boost the immune system).
  4. Protein like spirulina.( The WHO has called it one of the greatest super foods on earth. It claims that 1 kg is equivalent  to 1000 kg vegetables and drugs.
  5. If you/ your family member have any chronic disease like diabetes or Hypertension or arthritis  stock up to 1 month of prescribed drugs.
  6. Anti ulcer ant  and antiemetic drugs.
  7. Antibiotics for emergency GI upset like food poisoning and RTI.(must prescribed by a physician).
  8. Montelukast who have cold / dust allergy or sinusitis/ asthma to reduce  the seasonal attack (start taking at lock down to protect the immune system).
  9. Antiseptic solution  to  maintain a clean household.
  10. Thermometer, Blood pressure machine, glucometer, pulse oximeter(if possible), nebulizer machine(ifor asthma), inhaler, cotton, sterile gauze, disinfectant solutions.

Remember you do not have to use or store any antibacterial soaps/ alcohol based hand sanitizer if you are staying home as hand sanitizer cant remove all dirts and antibacterial soap or hand wash do harm rather than kill virus.

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