To prevent COVID 19 say NO to Alcohol, Smoking and Drugs

People Who Are At Risk of New CORONA(COVID 19):

1.Extreme of age-old age and children.

2. Smoker- cigerrate / Tobacco.

3. Patients with chroninc lung condition – Bronchial Asthma, COPD, bronchitis.

4. Pregnant women.

4. Diabetic,  HIV INFECTED Patients.

5. Patients suffering from Chronic kidney disease.

6. Patients with impair liver function.

7.  Malnourished patients.

8.  patients suffering from moderate to severe anemia.

9. people living in crowded places, with low socioeconomic status.

10. People who recently visited to COVID 19 affected states and all the people came in to contact with them.

11. Any patients suffering from immune-compromised states like CANCER and similar conditions.

12. People with poor sensitization.

13. Homeless people lives in street & public places (Park).

14. People suffering from insomnia, physical & mental Stress.

15. People with serious heart condition.

16. Patients recieving treatment like bone marrow transplantation or other immunosuppressive therapy like chemo.

17. People with prolong use of corticosteriod  or similar drugs.

18. People with bad food habit like raw under cooked meat, used to eat reptiles(snakes), rodents, bat,rat etc.

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