Know About Dengue Fever

Wanna know the truth about Aedes??

1- It’s the ladies that bites.
Yeah, It’s the female mosquitoes that bite you. They need the nutrients in the blood to produce eggs. It’s when they consume blood from someone that has the circulating virus, they get infected.
2- They don’t wait for the night.
It’s during the day that aedes aegyptiattacks the most. Couple of hours after sunrise and some hours before sunset is their prime time. Of course, they can bite at anytime!
3- Aedes aegypti can be identified from their behavior.
There is no significant difference, in the appearance of a normal mosquito and an aedes aegypti, but there is a difference in their behavior. If the mosquito is biting you indoors, during the day time, the chances are that they are the aedes mosquito.
4- Can aedes aegypti only fly at knee level?
Contrary to the myth, the aedes mosquitoes have been recorded to fly at a height of 200 meters to lay their eggs. So next time someone sends you a message about wearing a pant and being immune to Dengue, just send them this link
5- Aedes aegypti are highly invasive.
They spread like wild fire, they have been transmitting diseases like Zika, chikungunya, dengue and yellow fever, around the world in just about 2 centuries, owing to their reproductive cycle. A single female aedes aegypti can lay around 100 eggs per feed of blood, and can produce 5 batches like these in her two week long life span. They can stay dormant for 6 months and hatch when submerged in water.
6. Can coconut oil help in preventing Dengue virus ?
No, It’s not proven by any scientific research that theaedes aegypti can be kept at bay using coconut oil. So the best possible way is still keeping your surroundings clean and covering yourself completely.

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