Dengue Fever Food Instruction

Food list to eat and not to eat for dengue:

We all knew now that the facts that making dengue alarming to the patient is all about low platelet count which is destroying by dengue virus replicating process and dehydration due to plasma leakage…

So lets have a look for the food that restores and increases platelet count and keeps people hydrated.

1. Fruit juices like Fresh orange, lemon, pomegranates, pineapple juice – rich in vitamins and natural antioxidant and keeps hydrated. The miraculous drink promotes antibodies in the immune system, increases urination, thereby releasing toxins from the body and thus help eliminating dengue virus.

2. Vegetable juice- like cucumber, in vitamins and minerals and restores fluid level.

3. Water- drink sufficient water to remain hydrated.

4. Green leafy vegetables specially broccoli spinach…rich in vitamin k.. Helps to restore platelet.

5. Herbal tea, ginger water, Turmeric..for their anti inflammatory properties that relieves joint pain and recover tiredness.

6. Soups, milk and egg for energy and essential nutrients.

7. Dub water…rich in minerals,electrolytes and also improve hydration .

8. Papaya, neem and basil leaves also very helpful to increase platelet count.

Foods to avoid at dengue:
1. Oily food.
2. Junk food.
3.spicy food.
4. Sugary drinks.
5. Food difficult to digest.

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