An Ideal Diet & Lifestyle Plan for an Obese & PCOS Patient

Diet Chart for a PCOS Patient:

  1. Wake up at 5 morning. Drink 2 glass of plain water. Perform Fajr prayer attentively. Make long roku and long sijdah, recite Quran. And after 20 mins of sunrise.
  2. Open air exercise for at least 30 mins. (Run until sweats, cycling / any running exercise) At 8 am: breakfast with a boil egg, a bowl of vegetables (cooked with butter or extra virgin oil/ olive oil, no potato or pulses/ dal), two medium size white bread (Ruti).
  3. At 11 am: A cup of green tea/ any herbal tea(ginger/tulsi) (no sugar) and dried fruits like nuts or a portion of oranges / malta (1/8th of the whole fruit).
  4. 1 30 pm (after performing zuhr salat at the same way), Drink a glass of water. before starting lunch. And them. Take a 1/2 cup of brown/ white rice with 1/4th plate of protein (poultry /beef/fish), 1/2 plate of vegetables medium cooked with extra virgin olive oil/ coconut oil/ butter. After lunch walk 80 steps before sitting or taking rest. Then rest or sleep for 30 min- 1 hours.
  5. After performing Asr Salat, take a cup of green tea and a boil egg/ vegetable/ chicken vegetable soup (clear) as an evening snack.
  6. Complete dinner within 8:30 pm and drink a glass of plain water at same way before dinner. And eat a half cup rice/ potato, half plate vegetables/ salad, vegetables cooked at the same way, a boiled egg/ sea food /a piece of poultry/ fish.
    Remember to walk up to 80 steps just after dinner. Then before going to bed take a glass of milk, and try to go to bed early as soon as possible.
  7. Foods and drinks, you can’t take at all: sugar, noodles, pasta, biriyani, sugary drink, tea /, carbonated drink(cola/sprite), fast food, sugary fruits. (banana, apple. etc). Maintain it up to next month and monitor Weight, Blood pressure and sugar level weekly. Keep an BP machine at home.
  8. Water intake rules: drink 12 glass of water Daily, always drink water prior to take any food, and in middle of eating and never drink water after finishing the meals (wait at least 20 mins then you can drink water). remember prayer is a type of meditation and best way of exercise to reduce belly fat. So, perform salat accurately and attentively.
  9. Avoid sleep at morning, and avoid stress and anxiety, do some light house chores, like cleaning, / sweeping, cooking to remain active to improve blood circulation.

These low sugar, high protein and low carbs diet will increase insulin sensitivity in PCOS patient by reducing weight and by correcting hormonal imbalance.

Green leafy vegetables like cauliflower, Cabbage, red yellow vegetables like beet, carrot, tomatoes are highly recommended.

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